Happy 2021

December 23, 2020By Zorana ŽivićUncategorized

All the best wishes for the upcoming year I am happy you are here! I send you good wishes. In the New year to come, I wish that you to take your steps firmly and confidently on the path you have chosen. I wish that you meet many smiling faces along the way and that … Read More


October 17, 2020By Zorana ŽivićProjects, Uncategorized

How I approach sketching I think sketching every day is one of the most important parts of being an illustrator. This is the work and the practice that is not seen by the public. This is something I learned when attending the MATS ICB7 course with Lila and Zoe. I am not that type of … Read More

Stay Humble

September 12, 2019By Zorana ŽivićUncategorized

Stay Humble When the sun rises And the waves crumble They never show off And always stay humble When animals develop And the silver linings bend They respect each other And never dare to offend When the roots need water Then the heavens pour They don’t abandon each other When they are needed more Just … Read More

The Moon And The Stars

September 12, 2019By Zorana ŽivićUncategorized

The motifs I paint There was a moon and there were stars. The truth is that I enjoy dreamy-like, gentler motifs, so I can hardly resist these stellar bodies. And it’s the same with water. I was going through my illustrations the other day and realised I keep repeating these motifs, completely subconsciously. As if … Read More


August 19, 2019By Zorana ŽivićUncategorized

I have been especially attracted to experimenting with transparency recently. The most practical motif for this kind of experiment is flowers. And water. Water maybe even more so. Flowers represent tenderness, fragility, but also energy with their numerous color shades. Once you try to create them by using the watercolor technique, you will get the … Read More


May 11, 2018By Zorana ŽivićSpecial occasion, Uncategorized

This is the place. This is my #happyplace. I come here when I need some peace and to rest my eyes. This is the place where I get lost in the world of flowers. The place where my whimsy characters live. The place where little happy faces greet me. The place where colours are kind and … Read More