Creating website graphics is very much like the concept I follow when I try to create a picture book. The contents may of course be very different. What I mean by that is that you need to put yourself into your client's shoes completely and understand their story – the message they are trying to get across to the public. Details of the story really matters if you want to channel everything perfectly into a visual reality. As you can find yourself reading the story of a picture book over and over again, you, similarly, have to listen to your client carefully and ask many many questions before making any suggestions. The visitor of the web site should be intrigued by the images. This is how you can spark their interest for the contents as well.

Marta Okorn -

Marta Okorn is a personal growth trainer. She sees personal growth holistically where many areas of life intertwine. She wanted to have graphics for her web site which would, with one single image, introduce her work to the visitor of the page in a simplified way. So I created 3 graphics using a reduced colour palette and simple shapes. Only the portrayal of energy remained more complex since it permeates all areas and brings them together as a whole. It ultimately forms the most essential part of the holistic approach. Additionally, Marta decided to design the logo for her company from my illustrations.

Printscreen - Okorn web

Živić d.o.o. - project posed an enormous challenge for me since it wasn't something you call a typical project in terms of its contents. The client works with electronic components, which have absolutely nothing in common with art but he still wished his technical products would find a more "spiritual" touch. What this project proved was that illustration can be applied to any area. It is how it can open up to a larger number of people who are not necessarily interested in art as such but still get in touch with it without actually realising it. A project inside a project. The aim was to focus on the shapes of each electronic component and combine them with the existing colours representing the CGP company. I believe the final result is an intriguing web site, rich and original in content and thus far from being generic.

Printscreen - Živić d.o.o.

Petra Šuštar -

I have already worked with Petra Šuštar on the Emerald Forest picture book but we will surely work together again in the future. She asked me to do a few graphics for her web site and marketing campaigns. Since she also practices yoga, organises various workshops for women, teaches meditation, and keeps the young ones active with activities as well, we decided to improve her web site visually with 4 illustrations which resemble those in Emerald Forest and will therefore make sure Petra’s site will be more recognisable.

Screenshot - Petra web