Stellar Dreams is the third picture book in a row that I've created in collaboration with the author Petra Šuštar. The book is also a fairy-tale-like meditation but this one is also a lullaby. It is different from the first two in terms of the form itself, as well as the colours and feelings it portrays and inspires.

Starry dreams train

There aren't many characters in Stellar Dreams since its main protagonist, whose role is taken over by the readers themselves, appears amongst the stars and the Moon and seems to be hovering peacefully, half-asleep, faced with many emotions. Somewhere along the way, these seem like a vision of fluffy clouds. The protagonist eventually realizes that all emotions are perfectly OK and relevant, be it positive or negative. Feeling totally at peace, the protagonist finally falls asleep.

Starry dreams angry storm cloud

The prevalent style in this picture book is minimalistic and as such evokes calmness. Considering all these facts, I also decided to use a reduced colour palette, which boasts with blue in combination with more neutral and yellowish shades. Blue draws you in its depths immediately, also by being so multifaceted. As a reader, you can search for and find your dreams in it. The residue of white is just as magnificent and expressive as blue. It doesn't portray the void but rather the absence of blue. Entity by itself in which us, the readers, are trying to find some sort of comfort.

Starry dreams paper ship
From the artist's point of view, this has been my favourite picture book because I feel it describes me as a person. Blue is definitely my colour. Infinite in its depths. Infinite in its watery layers. Once it stops being restless, my mind becomes this great void. And this empty space creates a need for order.