The idea

For a long time, I wanted to create colourful and cheerful products that would bring me good mood throughout the year, every time I sat down at the computer. For quite some time, the idea of ​​what the products should look like, which products should be created and in what form I would like to have them was emerging. It took me almost 12 months to bring the idea to life and so the stationery 2020 was born. I am very pleased with the result, if I may say so myself.


I created two versions of the notebooks. Both in dreamy motives. One blue and the other yellow. Sizes A5. Bluish shades are meant to take us away, and yellows to bring us back. What was very important to me is that the notebooks have a lot of sheets so that you can hold them nicely in your hand and they don’t look like a plucked hen, with only a couple of pages. Therefore, both notebooks are 100 sheets. The covers are especially nice, as they are soft touch and really pleasant to hold. At first, I had the idea to have striped sheets inside, but I abandoned that idea as I found the lines extremely distracting in combination with the illustrations. Somehow, the emptied space inside acted more cleanly in contrast to the saturated image on the covers.


I also created two types of note blocks. One slightly larger, in the size of 18x15 cm and small memo blocks, in the size of 10x10 cm. Here I opted for floral décor in warm, pink shades. Something to cheer you up every time you walk into an office. Just like having a vase with a bouquet of flowers on the table all the time. The note pads and memo blocks are also 100 sheets. Each block was painted separately. It’s not a copied design from one to the other.

In the end...

It was also important to me that the notebooks and pads fit nicely as a set. So, it is no coincidence that the colours chosen were blue, yellow and pink and that some elements are repeated on all three motifs to make them look coherent. This way they form a lovely whole and are cute as a gift. Check out some photos of stationery 2020 below: