Magic Tree is the second picture book that I've created with Petra Šuštar.

The making of two page illustration for Magic Tree picture book


It's another fairy-tale meditation but of a different sort if compared to Emerald Forest, especially in terms of my own creative approach. The scenery in Emerald Forest seems rather undefined and etherical. Even though its characters seem to have quite specific traits, these still tend to be focused mostly on the main character.

A page in Magic Tree picture book depicting a bear and a wolf in a hammock

This is, however, not the case in Magic Tree because the main character is merely an observer of all other main characters which are, once again, animals. Their traits are very well-defined and the story definitely revolves around them. To accept yourself and others for who you/they are in the most original form possible is what counts. So I wanted to turn these characters into human-like individuals and accept them for who they are in Petra's original narration. I've emphasized their personalities by adorning them with strong colours and outfits. What we get as a result is a lovely picture book with happy, light, expressive and colourful illustrations.

A page in Magic Tree picture book