Festival Transgeneracije is an event dedicated to the young and to all contemporary artistic practices. It is housed by Cankarjev dom every year in April. The festival comprises various arts sectors, such as theatre, video production, comic books and fine arts. Secondary school pupils from across the country get the opportunity to freely and insightfully interpret their own perceptions of society. They do this by reshaping the well-established concepts of life and in this way make us reflect on them.

Festival Transgeneracije 2018 - main show room

I felt extremely honoured to be invited to this festival this year as a curator in the fine arts category. It was from about 70 amazing creations from different secondary schools that I had to select the very best ones. I had to come up with a story that would connect them as a whole in a form of an exhibition. There were a few extraordinary works that stood out the most, so all their authors were awarded accordingly.