Cvetolisna dolina / Valley of Flowers cover page

Cvetolisna dolina - Valley of Flowers is a children's book by a Serbian author Natalija Sknepnek Avramović and is intended for children from 4 – 10. It's about three different stories to which I've added my illustrations, one for each story, actually. This time the illustrations had to be in black and white only and this presented quite a challenge for me since I'm used to expressing myself with colours most of the time.

Sad giant being consoled by 3 fairies

Shades of black and grey were great fun, especially because I never use black otherwise. I feel I've created a few very special illustrations that are also very telling through their black and grey multifaceted shades. I see the illustration on the cover as a nice contrast, bringing all other creations to life, and adding the final touch to the book as a whole.

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