Cvetka herbal estate is a company owned by Katarina Kovačič, B.Sc. (Biotechnology), who found her love and passion in nature. All herbs that can be found in their aromatic products are ecologically produced, manually sown, sieved, hoed several times, reaped and adequately dried, as explained by Katarina herself.

My cooperation with Cvetka was a lot of fun. It was interesting and educational at the same time since I've been involved with creating illustrations for packaging for the first time. Personally, I am a big fan of cosmetics, it’s my soft spot, I admit it. So there’s hardly anything more fulfilling than seeing your own artwork on these cute little bottles, full of amazing herbal scents.

I created 5 labels for 5 different products by Cvetka – bubble bath, toothpaste, moisturizing cream, sun cream, and shampoo/shower gel. All 5 labels have illustrations of all the herbs that are included in the product. My intention was to create a design that would cover most of the label but still wouldn’t appear too aggressive. Another great challenge for me was to portray characters who would tell their story on such a small surface. I took enough time for this project because I felt that I needed to educate myself about the herbs and make them look presentable in drawings, too. The fun part for me was also to bring them all into a whole, especially because I was working with a limited range of colours that needed to appear coherent, as well.

I am very pleased Cvetka saw the potential for their packaging for the little ones in my illustrations. As a mother of three I can say these products are of high quality, our family enjoys using them and our bathroom looks so much cuter with these beauties on the shelves.

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