Every time I read, generic bookmarks, those full of commercial stuff get on my nerves! They have always been so ugly to me. Full of some pointless content and imposed with a bunch of random colours that irritated me. The quality is often lacking as they always get twisted quickly and the edges are always ruffled. So I said to myself, '' Why don't I just make my own book index? '' And I did!

I painted a cute, little picture with flowers and I stuck it on nice, white cardboard. To top it off, I made a hole in the top and decorated it with a shiny, satin ribbon. It gets me excited even now after more than a year and I still look at it carefully every time I pick up a book.

One idea leads to another and so I said to myself again, "Why not do this for someone else"? And I did. And the most beautiful bookmarks were created. Each unique, with a small original work of art. In this way, I wanted to achieve to offer an original artwork, which is also useful and achievable to everyone at an affordable price.