Not Splendid Year

Today is exactly one year since I've gathered the courage, rolled my sleeves up, took my brush and painted the year 2018 for myself.

I will not argue that everything was splendid. If I did, I would be lying. Everyone who claims differently is. You cannot know what splendid is if you don't know NOT splendid. And first, it has to be NOT splendid so the splendid can come.

Uh, there was a lot of NOT splendid. I forced myself to do things I really do not enjoy. At first, I had to expose myself publicly. I had my Facebook page for months before I've decided to publish it. The same was with this one and similar to Instagram. I was insecure before every post I made. I still am today.

Then I had to deal with marketing. Really?? Me? Are you sure? And write the first invoice. And then the next one. And pay taxes and a bunch of other accounting stuff I really find superfluous.

Then there was contacting people I didn't know, and actually having to talk to them. In person!!

And then there was writing texts. English, Slovene, you pick. I feel like I need to apologize for that. I like painting, I like cooking, I like walking in nature, I like listening to music, but I really don't like writing. I'm not good at it. And I had to do it.

[N.B] In the future - Keep the focus on the illustrations and ignore the text.

But. After all this NOT splendid came the SPLENDID. So, what WAS splendid?

The most splendid were the hours with the brush and the water and the company of Debussy, Chopin, Shubert, Tchaikovsky, Yiruma, Mozart, and others. That was the most splendid.

I have met many dear, wonderful, extraordinary people and friends in flesh and virtually. That was the most splendid.

I have learned so many new things I thought I never would. That was the most splendid.

I am one year older. That is the most splendid

Like Stallabrass says: '' Once you put your work into the public, it is not yours anymore. You have no control over it.'' And that was the most splendid of them all.

So, thank you for that, Everyone!

Love, Z.

Photo by: Tanja Pečenko