”Male baletke in njihove cvetke” – Little Ballerinas

Short intro.

This book is Tanja Pečenko’s collection of witty statements/wise thoughts by young ballerinas, as well as conversations with them. Tanja is a young ballet teacher. She has been collecting these statements for many years. 

In a very humorous way this book dispels the stereotypical image of a serious, reserved and uptight ballerinas. It replaces it with an image that is completely new, fresh and playful.

(taken from https://www.facebook.com/MalaBaletkaSi/ )

Yaay, I can be a part of it!

You must agree that the greatest joys of life can be found in children, music, and flowers. The illustrations for the book titled ‘’Male baletke in njihove cvetke’’ is one more project bringing together all of them in the most good-humored fashion.  I was in love with the content immediately! And I am beyond happy to have been invited to be part of it. For sure you will love it as well. 

The illustrations tell you what you want to think! Rethink!

So, the story I am telling with the illustrations is this stereotypical image of fragile, dreamy ballerinas that fades away with the content. With the images, I want to counteract the content as much as possible to further expose the distorted perception we have of ballet dances.  

How I’ve handled the characters?

Firstly, I give the characters a lot of white space, allowing them to move and spread across the surface naturally and unobtrusively. Secondly, I also included all the details pertaining to children’s joyousness, playfulness, and inventiveness.  And thirdly, the shades of the colours are mostly plain and soft.

Where you should find more about ”Male baletke in njihve cvetke”?

However, f you like poetic, playful, dreamy and funny you should visit the two links below. For instance, you will find some of the illustrations from the book also on cups, bags, magnets and similar. 🙂




Little ballerinas book cover