Submission for Redpaperkite

07/11/2020By Zorana ŽivićAnimals, Character design, Whimsy

In October, I took part in a competition hosted by a smaller publishing house Redpaperkite from Australia. As soon as I saw that they would be hosting a competition in the summer, I knew that I wanted to take part in it. The books they publish are extremely beautiful to me and I would like … Read More

Are you a dragon or a unicorn?

14/05/2018By Zorana ŽivićAnimals

Are you a dragon or a unicorn? Most of us like animals, don’t we? We even perceive ourselves as a certain type of animal that we like in particular and perceive others in this way, too. They are always a good drawing material. I’ve noticed boys have a tendency towards drawing spiders, snakes, tigers and … Read More